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Well, here we are, back in the Notunuthaone Online universe again. New Website, slightly different name. Feels kinda right, especially given my track record of trying to think up and start alternate projects/comics, nothing really worked out and I struggled to stay interested. I dunno.
For those unfamiliar with my previous work, my first comic on Smackjeeves, that went on for a long time (to the tune of 180 pages and 2 years) was called Notunuthaone Online, a fictional fantasy MMORPG world I created for the purposes of the comic. Four friends, flatmates in real life, embarked upon an adventure in the latest MMORPG to hit the shelves. Much ridiculousness and toilet humour ensued. It was mostly a gag comic directed at MMORPG's in general that sometimes branched into mini story arcs. It was also my gateway into digital art, understandably the art was very basic and pretty bad in the beginning, getting progressively better as I learned how to use things better and settled into my style more.
The comic however is no longer on Smackjeeves. I took it down for reasons I'm not really going to go into. In a way I kind of want to repost the entire thing but at 180 pages... bleh, maybe one day.
Anyway, after much decisioning about whether to resurrect the original or start fresh, I decided to start fresh. This *sequel* of sorts takes place however in the same game and at the same time as the old comic, despite being called Notunuthaone Online 2. The difference of course being completely different characters.
Of course cameos of old characters are well within possibility. So those returning who remember will know them when you see them.
Here's to sticking around for a long time, hopefully... =]

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